Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Greetings from Galactic Heart...

Greetings from Galactic Heart...

We at PAO want to thank everyone who joined our last webinar, The Truth Behind Our Spiritual Revolution. It was very well received and we are planning our next webinar for the end of July. Stay tuned for more details and exact dates.
As promised during our last webinar, we are sending you a link to the recording for Sheldan's free webinar ‘Galactic Humans 101’ offered in March 13, 2011. (See link below.)
This webinar was created to help you share information with your family and friends who might be new to the concepts of disclosure, first contact, Galactic Federation of Light and our ascension to the 5th dimension.
This presentation is 97 minutes long. In the first 30 minutes, Sheldan explains the meaning of phrases that may be unfamiliar to you or your friends, along with Sheldan's story~~how he became a messenger for the Galactic Federation.
In the second half, Sheldan shares important information on what is happening to our physical bodies, the shift in our RNA/DNA, the energies flooding our planet and how they are raising our consciousness, why first contact is a Spiritual event, and much more. This is where you will find the juicy parts.
We appreciate you sharing this video with your friends~~Together we are Victorious!

AT LAST! What You've Been Waiting For...

Here's the archived video recording of Sheldan’s ~Free~ Webinar – GALACTIC HUMANS 101!

Share this 97-minute video with your friends!

Galactic Humans 101 Webinar Video

Still Have Questions? Sheldan's Most Popular DVDs offer a lot of answers.

During our webinars, the Q&A session is not to be missed. Some insightful queries draw out the most interesting and intriguing information from Sheldan's galactic sources. Where are we from? Why we are here? Where are we going? Do I really have to go there? What are my choices? What will happen to my family, my pets, my house?
Like secret keys, questions unlock the doors to greater knowledge. A Chinese philosopher once said, “Grasshopper, the answer is in the question.”
May you find what you're looking for.


Get ready to become a Galactic Human. Just how will our final transformation into Galactic Humans happen? Discover how metamorphosis Light chambers will transform us into Galactic Humans.
Detailed Information about:
• Meet the First Contact Team
• Reunite with the Agarthans: People of Inner Earth
• Daily Life and Culture in Inner Earth
• Visit a Galactic Federation Command Base
• Your Transition After First Contact
• Prepare for Your Migration to Inner Earth
• Your Personal Metamorphosis Chamber
• Galactic Humans in Training
• Hello Galactic Neighbors!


How does a planet with over 6 billion people collectively become fully conscious Beings of Light? Sheldan’s Inner Earth DVD brings everything into focus about our galactic future, explaining what will happen to us, our family, friends, pets and treasured possessions.
Detailed Information about:
• Restoring the Earth • Earth Today
• Hidden Portals • ET Origins
• Inner Earth • Agartha
• Inside Crystal Cities
• Typical Residence • Shamballah
• Metamorphosis Chambers • Your Transition


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Morgan Kochel says:

Morgan Kochel

Morgan Kochel: 而這是你們所有的!這是我們對火星任務的討論的終結,但我仍然與乍得接觸。在這一點上,我希望能夠說服他做一個視頻或電視採訪,但當然,也會有一些障礙需 要克服,目前的主要原因之一是他可能會在一些危險中,如果他向大眾公開。此外,總會有人們可理解的懷疑態度的障礙。正如我在開始時所說的,我無法為任何人 驗證這個故事,也不是我的意圖去說服任何人其真實性。我的目標只是幫助他使他的故事被聽到,因為如果這個故事是真實的,這個星球上的人們正在一個規模宏大 的層面上被欺騙,也許這將最終有助於飛碟披露運動。這是謊言被揭曉的時候了,以及真相的時候 — 無論任何可能的事情 — 都一次性地被知曉。


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